Top Five Reasons to Join the Saskatchewan Chapter of IFMA:

1. Local networking with professional peers
We add special value to your membership experience. This is a unique forum for FM professionals to network locally with their peers as we provide many avenues for professional and personal development through monthly meetings, educational courses, social functions and facility tours.

2. Chapter-specific member resources
In addition to information and tools available through your IFMA membership, we offer resources specific to your local interests. We maintain our own web site and local membership directory, and provide employment referral services. Our chapter resources are important to your career growth, industry knowledge and networking.

3. Best practice sharing with local peers
Through our web site, meetings and events, you have the opportunity to talk with peers about workplace challenges and pose industry-related questions, receiving timely answers. We bring IFMA resources directly to you, making your membership experience more personal.

4. Local professional development programs
We sponsor IFMA educational seminars, offer round table and panel discussions, and present “hot topic” speakers to members. We can also organize certification study groups designed for members planning to take IFMA’s CFM exam. Peer support and knowledge sharing contribute to enhancing your professional development.

5. Leadership opportunities
By getting involved in chapter committees and leadership positions, we allow you to contribute in areas such as program and event planning, marketing, web development and member recruitment. As a source of personal development, participation as a chapter leader or organizer is highly rewarding and can help polish your leadership skills. Chapter involvement is a source of pride, accomplishment and honor.


Interested in becoming a member? See for details. Membership application must be completed through the International Office.



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